3 Hacks to Better Performance in the Heat

January 13, 2020

It’s mid Summer…

Temperatures are only rising and the sun isn’t setting any earlier. What are 3 simple hacks you can implement today to perform better in the Summer heat?

Hack #1

Choose sports drinks over water. Leading up to practice, workouts, and games, be sure to hydrate with water. Consume roughly half a gallon of water leading up to your athletic activity. During physical activity, especially in the heat, be sure to replenish and quench your thirst with some type of sports drink. Sports drinks will do more than just hydrate your body; they will also fill you with a fresh amount of energy produced from the sugary carbohydrates in the drink. No need to drink the zero-calorie sports drinks during these hot events or practices. You want to replenish your energy through simple, fast-acting carbohydrates. 

Another significant benefit of choosing a sports drink over water during game day is this… electrolytes. Electrolytes will assist in replenishing your muscles, assisting in brain control, and also help you maintain a proper balance when performing under extremely hot conditions. Ten times out of ten chose a sports drink for in game or in practice nutrition.

Hack #2

Train outdoors. Especially in the heat, training outdoors is never the first choice. Instead, most athletes choose to run routes, and practice plays in an indoor facility. To prepare yourself for the heat, be sure to safely practice outdoors while properly protecting yourself from the sun and hydrating (as mentioned above in hack #1). You may even choose to run sprints or perform outdoor circuit training on days off from your regular practice schedule.

Hack #3

Choose the right apparel. Athletic apparel can make or break your performance in practice and on game days. Obviously, heavy cotton shirts will not do in temperatures like this… but what about traditional moisture management apparel? Here’s a hint; if you are soaking with sweat underneath your apparel, chances are your body is not cooling off as optimally as it could be… therefore, your performance will be affected. 

You will want performance apparel that will remove sweat from your skin and displace the sweat to the top layer of your apparel where it can easily be evaporated. This moisture management technology causes a cooling effect for the athlete and doesn’t slow the athlete down with soaked fabric. This technology is only found in Drywear® Apparel – the world’s best moisture management technology in the world. 

Be sure to follow these three hacks to better perform in the heat. Hydrate properly, train outdoors, and equip yourself with the best apparel for athletes and be expectant of great performances this Summer in practice and in games.