3 Things All Athletes Need From Their Sports Apparel

January 15, 2021

If you are a Drywear Apparel athlete then you are someone who will do anything they can to have an edge on the competition. No matter what position you play, your goal is to be the absolute best and when it comes a game day, let nothing hold you back from bringing your team a win.

The elite athletes know how important underlayer apparel is to maximize sports performance. If you want to learn more about how apparel affects athletic performance then take a look at our previous blog.

So what kind of traits does your performance apparel need to pass the test and show up big for you on game day? Take a look at the 4 traits below:

  1. Comfort – Be sure to stay away from any rough fabrics that will cause skin irritation and chafing during repetitive movements. Be sure that your apparel is made with high-quality comfortable fabrics such as olefin and polyester. Ideally, a 52% olefin to 48% polyester ratio is optimal for maximum comfort and performance. Be sure to purchase your apparel in a size that is not restrictive but allows you to move freely throughout any range of motion. The purpose of pre-game and practice stretches is to improve the range of motion for activity. Don’t let your apparel limit you.


  1. Technologically Advanced – Technology is always advancing and producing greater and greater products. Look at the first iPod compared to the iPod of 2015. It is far more advanced and provides a far more enjoyable experience for the listener. Would you rather walk around with a bulky iPod that can only hold 1,000 songs or a thinner, more stylish looking iPod that can hold 20,000 songs? The answer is a no-brainer. Selecting apparel is no different for the elite athlete. Wear the best and have a step up on your competition even with the underlayer of your jersey.


Be sure to avoid apparel that will hold onto sweat. If you can wring your shirt out after practice with sweat dripping out, then it’s time for an upgrade. Not only does sweat bog down athletes but it also interferes with your body’s ability to cool off through the process of evaporation. What kind of apparel would you look for then? 

You will want performance apparel that will remove sweat from your skin layer and displace the sweat to the top layer of your apparel where it can easily be evaporated. This moisture management technology causes a cooling effect for the athlete and doesn’t slow the athlete down with soaked fabric. This technology is only found in Drywear® Apparel and is known as the world’s best moisture management technology. 


  1. Quality – Chances are, you want the quality of your apparel to keep up with you even after a few washes, am I right? Do not overlook the importance of high integrity products that will last you a long time. You want your apparel to be trusted and consistently perform for you, practice to practice, game to game. Check the tag before purchasing your apparel and be sure to research the guarantee of the company you choose.


MADE IN THE USA products have always proven to be the highest quality grade in performance apparel and is something worth researching before making your selection. Be sure to look for a lifetime quality guarantee as well.

Do not overlook the importance of dressing yourself with the best apparel you can find. Elite athletes will not let anything hold them back… Not their opponent, not sweat, not even comfort. Be sure to follow these 3 tips before purchasing your next batch of sports performance apparel. It will be worth more than just money in your wallet. It’s worth you being the best you come game time!