3 Tips To Go From Benchwarmer to Starter

November 5, 2019

So you want to get some more playing this season?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are one of the few looking for more ways to become a better athlete, get as much playing time on the field as possible this year, and dominate your competition (both for the starting spot and for in-game play).

You’ve come to the right place. These three tips will separate you from other competitors fighting for the same starting spot as you. Take these tips to practice and stand out amongst your teammates. 

Tip #1: Volunteer for absolutely everything

Whether it’s a drill, 7 on 7, or full scrimmage, if the coach needs bodies out on the field, you be the first one running out there. Show that you are willing to put in the work and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Coaches are looking for great athletes, yes. But they are also looking for high-quality athletes who are teachable, and action takers. Is that you? Be sure to take every opportunity to participate in a drill and make your presence known. The more your coaches see your ability on the field, the more likely they are to remember you and give you more playing time.

Tip #2: Boost self-confidence

Confidence develops after hours and hours of practice, training, and reps (as in tip #1). You need to put in the work to build confidence in your abilities. Let me give you an example. Say you are about to perform a set of bench press. You have never lifted weights before yet your friend wants you to try and lift 135 pounds right from the beginning.

Not only do you have a poor friend… but chances are, you will not have much confidence when getting under the bar with some big plates attached to it… 

So you give it a try… the bar doesn’t come an inch off of your chest.

Compare this story to someone who has been training for several months, has maxed out at ten repetitions with 95 pounds and 120 pounds for four repetitions… do you think this guy has a bit more confidence getting under the bar of 135 pounds and pressing up a one-rep max? I think so…

What is the difference between the two? Confidence comes from practice and training. Don’t expect to have confidence on the field, if you are not willing to put in the effort outside of practice.

Tip #3: Build Up Your Teammates

Do you want to play a significant role on your team this season? Be this guy. The one who is always pulling out good qualities and skills from his teammates. Be an encouragement and someone who spreads confidence to the rest of your team. Not only will you be your teammate’s go-to when they need that mental boost, but your coaches will see you as a valuable component to the values of the team which will give you more opportunities to prove your talent.

Too often, good athletes don’t become great because of the lack of chances they take to stand out on the practice field and take ownership of their position on game day. Don’t be that guy. Take every opportunity to showcase your talent, boost your self-confidence, and build up your teammates… these three tips will set you up to be the starter and game-changer on your team this year.