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It’s True. Drywear Apparel's Athletic Shirts Offer the World’s Best Moisture Management!

Wicking in traditional athletic shirts just didn’t cut it with serious athletes. They needed something more.

The popular “wicking” fabric in performance wear brands would allow the moisture to flow back and forth between the outside and inside of the garment, failing to keep the athlete dry and comfortable.  

That’s why Drywear Apparel launched a line of performance wear athletic shirts for the serious athlete featuring the highest level of moisture management on the market. 

Drywear Apparel’s unique bi-layer fabric construction features TRANSPOR® yarns that relentlessly wick moisture from the athlete’s skin one-way only–to the outside layer of the fabric. This evenly distributes and quickly evaporates the moisture. The result is a base layer that goes beyond wicking to continually feel cool next to the skin as it dries effectively on the outside.

In head-to-head, independent tests against the leading brands of performance wear,  Drywear Apparel technology was tested on the MMT™ (Moisture Management Technology) Index. The MMT measured one-way moisture movement from the inside of the garment to the outside, giving a high positive score rating to the best performers. The MMT also rated the opposite one-way moisture movement, from the outside of the garment to the inside, and gave higher negative ratings to the best performer. As you can see by the results,  Drywear Apparel ranked first and blew away the competition, earning more than 900 times the index points for moisture management.  

Serious athletes deserve serious moisture management.  Drywear Apparel delivers a double whammy of technology to keep you cooler and drier, which keeps you performing at your best for longer. 

MMT Index Results For Moisture Management

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