Does apparel truly affect sports performance?

January 6, 2021

Why is sports performance apparel worn by nearly every athlete at every level from youth sport to professional ballplayer? Do the outdoor elements such as heat really have an effect on athletes for moisture management apparel to be effective?

There is no question, yes. The heat has a tremendous effect on an athlete’s health, raising the potential of heat exhaustion, dehydration, muscle cramps, and heat stroke. Body temperatures increase dramatically during the warm summer season, inhibiting players from performing at the highest caliber level.

It is important to know how the body primes athletes to perform at their best, even in warm conditions…

What does our body do to combat this heat and cool our bodies?

We sweat and sweat a lot.

The good news is, the apparel we choose to wear underneath the uniform can have a positive effect on our performance in the heat. The bad news… many are making the wrong choice.

You see, sweat has the ability to hold an athlete back from performing their best.

When you sweat, there are some fabrics that will stick to the body, inhibiting its natural cooling process by not allowing moisture to evaporate.

Also, clothes that absorb sweat can become heavy, leaving you hot, still sweaty, and carrying additional baggage while trying to perform.

But what if you could dress yourself with performance apparel that was tight, supported your muscle, and still did its job by keeping you dry?

This is one of the driving factors of Drywear Apparel.

Drywear® Apparel provides the highest-grade moisture management technology, allowing you to wear a tight compression or semi-fit shirt and effectively evaporate sweat to keep you cool and weightless.

How? Check out the video below and see how Drywear® Apparel moves sweat directly from your skin to the outside layer of your shirt to be evaporated. The true sequence of apparel designed for optimal athlete performance.