Moisture Management – What is it and Why is it Important?

September 13, 2021

Sweat is a natural and critical element of the human body. It helps keep the body cool while it’s working to avoid overheating. While sweat is beneficial, it can become a nuisance and hinder your performance if it isn’t managed correctly. DryWear apparel is an industry leader in athletic apparel with premium moisture management – but what does that mean? Why does proper moisture management matter? We answer these questions in our latest blog post:

What is Moisture Management?

Moisture management is simply how apparel manages sweat.

Why is Moisture Management important?

Sweat is inevitable. Most apparel, especially cotton-based shirts, actually trap sweat within the fabric – causing the body’s natural cooling system to work against itself – generating heat. If the body can’t stay cool, it starts hindering performance.

What is the Proper Technique?

Proper athletic apparel should actually absorb sweat from the skin, never trap it. This allows the body to stay dry while it continues to produce sweat.

What is the DryWear Difference?

DryWear apparel is the only athletic apparel with TRANSPOR® technology built in. Our apparel is lightweight, comfortable and offers long lasting, proper moisture management over the competition.

What is TRANSPOR® technology?

TRANSPOR® is a “dry layer” that allows sweat to move through and stay away from the body. Once sweat is absorbed, the top “wicking” layer removes the sweat from the fabric. This unique technology properly moves moisture out, and never lets moisture in.

Does it Work?

DryWear’s athletic shirts have been proudly tested in extreme situations and climates, including soldiers in Iraq, climbers on Mount Kilimanjaro, and explorers in the Antarctic.

Check out our shop of premium athletic apparel to start properly managing sweat, and improving performance!