The Drywear Apparel Difference

December 18, 2020

Drywear® Apparel… “The World’s Best Moisture Management Technology… And We Can Prove It!” 

But what does the world’s best moisture management technology actually do? We’re glad you asked. Drywear® Apparel does more than simply look the part of a moisture management tee. In fact, there is plenty that it won’t do for you and plenty that it will.

It won’t leave you with a thin layer of fabric, heavy, soaked with sweat, and escaping body odor. In fact, performance apparel that leaves you soaked and heavy feeling is only slowing you down and limiting your body’s ability to cool. 

What does Drywear® Apparel do differently?

The TRANSPOR® “DRY LAYER” Technology used by Drywear® Apparel has been scientifically proven to keep you drier than the competition.


The unique “TRANSPOR® DRY LAYER” feature allows vapor to move through and stay away from your skin, keeping you drier, and more comfortable all the time. 

You see, sweat accumulates underneath the fabric of your tee, soaking up and spread out moisture across your apparel like a soaked sponge. With the TRANSPOR® DRY LAYER feature, your sweat is actually transferred from your skin to the top layer of the fabric (not soaked into the fabric), allowing air to reach the outer layer of your shirt and evaporate the sweat right from the top layer of the fabric. 

Why is evaporation so important?

Because evaporation causes a cooling sensation, enabling athletes to cool off faster than their competition and continue to perform in dry apparel as opposed to heavy, wet apparel.

When it comes to performance, every second, every inch, and every rep counts. Drywear® Apparel had the athletes who are willing to go that extra inch, in mind. Apparel matters to these athletes.

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