Tips To Become Better at Cycling

July 19, 2021

The bicycle has become a popular form of transportation, exercise, and recreation. The COVID- 19 pandemic has increased the popularity of cycling and saw a sharp increase in people purchasing bikes. While enjoyable, biking can be difficult – making it one of the best workouts for your body. Whether you are a new or intermediate level biker, here are 4 tips to help you become better at cycling.


1. Type of Bike

The type of bike you are riding on is a critical aspect. If you own a road bike, you should ride it on pavement as opposed to terrain. Not only do you run the risk of damaging your bike, but also the risk of injury. Be sure to keep in mind where you will be biking most and what your needs are before purchasing a bike. If you plan to bike on multiple terrains, a hybrid bike may be the best choice.


2. Adjusting your Gears

Prior to riding, you should take a small ride to adjust your gears and learn how they work. Set the friction to a comfortable level for you as it will influence how the switching gears function works. The lower gear setting will make it easier to climb up hills versus a higher setting that creates more resistance for higher speeds. To prevent damage to your bike’s chain, always switch gears while you are peddling.


3. Equipment

Helmets are important to preventing head and brain injuries in the event of a fall. Even the most advanced cyclists should be wearing a helmet, as accidents can happen as any time for any reason. The clothing you wear is also important. Your body will naturally sweat to stay cool and most shirts will trap sweat – keeping your body hot and affecting your performance. Shirts with moisture management are ideal as it absorbs sweat from your skin and wicks it away – keeping your body cool so you can perform your best.


4. Practice

Biking, even just casually, is like most workouts and requires endurance. If you are newer to biking, you may find yourself getting tired quickly which can become discouraging. Remember that biking is tough on your legs and your entire body. The more your bike, the more endurance your body builds to keep you cycling longer.